by Mark Allender

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Glacitu 01:53
MELODY Sic samala ne tenk ompa Unde siye adeo na Visle tiende amus Euseo ine damos Binse ti emineën eminémos CHANT Mopah tika bamademic sic sic Samala gajum bellowella bit denk Anju zet cantapenal zet bit Kampeng shido elemenel shido Gamja kiza endema sic sic ezit mezit uzit duzit Jezih ida bamademic sic sic Samala ende vasama tec man Damano bit manta bit chi Mopah tika elemeno pi kyu Adayu kiza endema sic sic izit uvit muvit do Cetu damo andama ti sic Samala enda mancanal i sank Adowa benkan idiowen tozi Kampeng chi sandowa chido Gamja tozi sandowa ti sic Sic
Psalm 23 01:25
Drone 2 01:32
Zinsata 02:55
BED Demeda demeda seng set Enejetta polimo eoma tensho Alabama devede tchicago trala Rrrakababa papaba temeta pengten Tetete holoho kedeta swamsa Cullaculla chekico olioto sep Bepetata pramana eleveh nakra Sedesede tomiko metile jenya Tapalama alama hapaba havwa Betahawa coplefai zona gejenya Flocitawa kwessina blendida blenda MELODY Re te si - l'cohn pa Je ve zi - t'comba ... ve zi - swamsa Se te na - v'nakra Se ne sa - t'pensha ... se na - d'vensha
I been seeing the world and everything in it And i've got my eyes on you Always been watching you Stumbling over the subtle directions That are written on the wall You never had a light to see by You been slippin' - losing your footing And something will bring you low and make you see your situation Can never be resolved Your mind is a hot potato You're walking a line on top of a razor And you're destined to fall And someday the ground will be home to a crater made by your headprint sure as the sun goes down You've always failed before - and you always will As sure as the sun goes down - you always will
Chekl Ento 02:09
Shun sanallo ban animo vute Deni semi beni andray Atta janofan zute sanna animo jute Atta chekl ento sanna punniko fray Chekl ento - chekl ento Annu menesen, chekl ento Chekl ento - chekl ento Annu menesen, chekl ento Plaidu flanimer jaky taky shake Mavan andu plendi en doos Latta damu sacket jacket man chamikon trake Damu chekl ento en trank pinchoos Chekl ento - chekl ento Annu menesen, chekl ento Chekl ento - chekl ento Annu menesen, chekl ento Drada jo krenisho bramalin zigh Tram chould penly ondo Sam bam trammadon amalea kigh Traka min, bramalin chekl ento Chekl ento - chekl ento Annu menesen, chekl ento Chekl ento - chekl ento Annu menesen, chekl ento
Cat 01:37
Drone 1 01:52
Picture 03:37
One way or another walls are coming down Not sure if they're setting me free or falling down upon me But I am watching them fall Through it all I can say I am here today.


released June 19, 2011


all rights reserved



Mark Allender Cleveland, Ohio

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